4 Common Skincare Mistakes You Could Be Making

Are you getting the most out of your skincare? Skincare is becoming more popular and it is always changing. There are many different techniques and rules with skincare that it’s hard to keep track. Considering you could be spending hundreds of dollars on the perfect routine, it’s important that you get the most out of your products. Here are some common mistakes and tips that may help you improve your skincare routine.

1. Washing your face in the shower

I think this is one mistake people make the most. It seems like there should be no problem washing your face in the shower because you’re still cleansing right? Wrong. Washing your face in hotter temperatures (especially very hot shower water) can strip and dry out your skin. I learned this first hand. I never understood why my face felt so stripped and dry until I stopped washing my face in the shower and waited until after. Also, when washing your face in the shower, the build up from shampoo and conditioner can leave residue on your face and clog your pores.

Okay so what do I do? I typically shower in the evenings and I love hot showers. So, I shower and then cleanse my face with lukewarm water after I shower and follow up with the rest of my skincare routine. It really doesn’t take long and your skin will thank you. If you REALLY don’t have time to wash your face after you shower, you can do it in the shower. Just make sure the water is warm and not burning hot.

2. Buying a new routine & using it all at once

Here’s another common mistake people make. Especially now with skincare overflowing TikTok, people are buying skincare in bulk and applying everything at once. This can be very overwhelming for your skin. When buying new skincare products, it’s important to slowly work products into your routine to let your skin adjust. Especially when adding in direct acids, antioxidants, retinols, toners, niacinamide and more. It will help reduce irritation, and will help you target products that can be irritating you way quicker than if you were using them all at once. Give yourself at least 2 weeks before adding another product in. Don’t rush the process!

3. Not staying consistent with a routine

This may be self-explanatory but, your skin will thrive when you are using a consistent routine. As someone who has a TON of skincare products it’s very hard to not jump around using different products every night. That’s one of the reasons that people think Rodan and Fields is “so amazing” when in reality the ingredients aren’t very good (and everything else about the company isn’t the best, aka prices). It gets you into a routine. If you are newer to skincare start slow! Cleanser, moisturizer, SPF. Then slowly work in serums and treatments that target your skin concerns. You don’t need a 20-step routine to have amazing skin!

4. Not wearing SPF

If you are new into skincare, SPF should be the VERY FIRST thing you buy. I don’t care what anyone says. I am 22 years old and just this past year I have learned the importance of SPF in my skincare routine. SPF will prevent aging, wrinkles, sun spots, and more. It’s never too late to work in SPF. It’s especially important to use when you are using products such as AHA, BHA, PHA, Retinols/Retinoids, Lactic Acid, etc. These products promote cell turnover making your skin way more sensitive to sunlight. You can easily burn and cause future aging. Get an SPF. Below are some of my personal favorites.

I am still waiting to try products for reapplying SPF when wearing makeup. Since I have been in quarantine and not doing much I haven’t been wearing as much makeup so I just reapply the moisturizer. One of my favorite skincare tiktokers and instagrammers @whatsonvisface swears by the Colorscience Brush-On Shield SPF 50. I haven’t tried since its $65. I’ll be on the lookout and update because reapplying SPF is so important!

Stay tuned! I will most likely do more of these posts considering skincare is always changing! Stick to your routine, ride out the purging (I know it sucks), and you will be glowing!

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